Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cast drawerings!

My 1st (ear)and 3rd(eye) cast drawing at the Next Gen Atelier/ Concept Art Atelier.

check it out we made a post


Mark Waikien said...

Heya. Found you on CA.org. You're pretty great overall. I do love your creatures too. How is the Atelier going for you?

Nice to see an artist around the same age. Look forward to seeing you conquer some studios in the future.


Timothy Callister said...

I agree, really work, I also found you on conceptart, what type of pencils do you use? I begin with a 2H but sturggle to get smoother darker values in my renders.

Dawndundundun said...

Mark - hey man thanks!atelier is awesome. learning a ton as usual :]

timothy- thanks!! I usually stick to HB for as long as I can.Just because theres such a huge range. Sometimes Ill use a 2h just to fill in the little white dots caused by the grain of the paper but as much as I can I try to use HB throughout the whole process. Except for the shadows I usually use a B for those. Id use an HB but I dont want to dig into the paper too much. and if the part im working on is ridiculously light and its more trouble to try to force my heavy hand to go light with an HB I use a 2h. hope that was helpful. if not you can email me or if you want to know more about the little white dots thing as well. thanks for stopping by!

FranciscoShreds said...

so awesome dawn. Glad to see you conquering the atelier and not the other way around. Can't wait to see more.